Areas of activity

The client and its growth project are the central focus of Legalitax’s professional services.

Thanks to its team of highly qualified professionals with integrated skills, Legalitax can cover the need for combined legal and tax advice and support services in various industries and for different business areas, from compliance to litigation, expansion to internationalization, from contract management to ADRs, debt restructuring to trusts, from human resources to real estate to financial assets.

Today it is increasingly difficult, if not pointless, to operate on a “sealed compartment” basis, inside and outside the business and inside and outside professional firms.

We have adopted a forward-looking view of the lives of client companies and that is why, now more than ever, we understand that businesses are experiencing the need for comprehensive but, at the same time, highly specialized support and advisors to guide them along their development paths both nationally and internationally.

Our Areas of Activity integrate legal and tax expertise and they work cooperatively in an osmotic, holistic way, including through international partnerships, to deliver as much value as possible in for corporate development and expansion projects or in general during the lifetime of the undertaking.