The firm’s governance and the management of the relationships between Legalitax partners is entrusted to the Management Board, the Remuneration Board, the Ethics & Disciplinary Board and the Local Office Managing Partners. Appointments are for three years.

Management Board

  • Andrea Rescigno – Chairman
  • Diego Annarilli 
  • Massimo Baglioni 

Remuneration Board 

  • Luitgard Spögler – Chairwoman
  • Massimo Baglioni
  • Eugenio Salvi

Ethic and Disciplinary Board 

  • Franco Fabris
  • Alessandro Polettini
  • Luciano Racchi

Local office Management Partners  

  • Rome: Diego Annarilli
  • Padua: Franco Fabris
  • Milan: Alessandro Pappalardo
  • Verona: Marcello Trombetta