International contracts

The internationalization of businesses and opening up to new countries entails a series of legal and fiscal choices – as well as strategic and operational options – that must be appropriately addressed.

​Legalitax professionals have long experience in international trade and can deal with every aspect of cross-border transactions for their clients: from the establishment of new entities to the acquisition or merger with existing entities; from management of contracts regulating distribution and supply relationships to judicial assistance in the event of disputes.

Over the years, Legalitax professionals have consolidated relationships with clients operating in various sectors of industry and trade, including fashion, energy, services, plant engineering, packaging, automotive, construction, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and have supported them – and continue to accompany them in their international expansion – in Europe, the US, North America, the Arab Emirates, Egypt, China, India and Russia.

More specifically, Legalitax provides advice and assistance during the negotiation, drafting and implementation of various types of contracts, including:

  • contracts for the supply of goods and services

  • agency contracts, distribution agreements

  • brand, patent and/or know-how licensing agreements

  • procurement contracts

  • documentary credit and guarantee agreements (bid bond, advance payment bond, performance bonds)

  • IT contracts

  • research contracts

  • insurance contracts

  • manufacturing integration contracts