The so-called “third sector” given the general context of resizing economic growth of the Western world, is called on to compensate for the shortcomings generated by the crisis in the first two sectors (“Public” and “Private”), but is itself affected by the decline in the economic resources available to pursue its institutional aims. Hence the need for particular specializations to respond to the growing need for efficiency and effectiveness in a scenario which more than others, is subject to rapid social and economic changes.

Legalitax has pursued such particular specialization its advisory services for the diverse non-profit sector.

Legalitax incorporates civil law and tax experts, who have worked closely together for many years and, therefore, are able to offer integrated advisory services aimed at solving the specific problems of the non-profit world.

 Professional services offered include:

  • analysis and adaptation to the Third Sector Reform;

  • ordinary and special legal and tax advice, both at the time of incorporation and during the existence of the entity

  • drafting of accords and cooperation agreements with public bodies and private organizational structures

  • drafting and review of statutes, regulations and codes of ethics;

  • assistance and advice during meetings of corporate bodies drafting of minutes and resolutions

  • analysis of legal instruments aimed at optimizing the tax impact of transactions between the donor/subsidizing body and the non-profit entity

  • opinions

  • representation and defence in the event of civil (including labour law), administrative or tax litigation

  • keeping of accounts and fulfilling tax obligations

  • assistance with the preparation of mandatory annual documents (financial statements, fundraising and five per thousand, annual tax returns)

  • preparation of financial statements and impact assessments

  • management in extraordinary transactions (mergers, de-mergers, spin-offs, reorganizations, etc.)

  • legal assistance during critical phases (commissioning, extinguishing, liquidation and definition in relations between associates)

  • management of all relations with the competent authorities (Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, Revenue Agency, Prefecture, Territorial Bodies, etc.)

For years, Legalitex has assisted the leading companies in the non-profit world and the Fourth Sector, be they associations, foundations, committees, social enterprises, ETS (including social promotion associations and voluntary organizations), ordinary non-profit entities, trade unions, trade associations, scientific societies, benefits societies, entities that work in the culture, social health, scientific research or in the other sectors that make up this diverse sector.