We work according to an integrated method.

Legalitax offers integrated professional tax & legal services, all-round advice and support on litigation in the courts or arbitration both for commercial undertakings and non-profit entities.

We can assist our clients throughout their entire presence in the market, seeking to create real added-value through development and growth with the support of all the professionals working for the practice. Integrating economic and legal expertise is as essential to us as it is sound practice for the benefit of our clients: our daily commitment is to become their point of reference.


We operate in various business sectors, covering all the needs of legal and tax compliance, development and expansion strategies, whether for corporate, regional or local entities.

We assist our clients in managing business crises and in judicial and/or extra-judicial litigation – adopting an attitude of risk reduction.

Our cross-cutting skills are combined with various specific areas of expertise in sectors with particular characteristics such as Sports, Energy, Non-profit, Art and Life Sciences.

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We were innovative from the start. Now we can confirm this.

Our Story.

Legalitax was founded in 2013 as an independent professional practice, through the union of professionals already well-established on the market who had acquired solid experience and training in major national and international entities.

We made some strategic and different choices in the professional context – and we are still reaping the rewards:

  • we created an integrated professional practice comprising both lawyers and accountants, aware that all-round advice would offer increased added-value for our client entities;

  • we focused on internal and external independence, so all our professionals can enhance their experience within the practice;

  • we guarantee the very best specialist expertise, the true hallmark of each of our professionals; 

  • we work in inter-profession and “variable geometry” teams at all times incorporating the most relevant professional skills in response to our clients’ specific needs;

  • we operate in leading international professional networks.

International Growth

Legalitax has grown internationally under the banner of its founding keywords: Integration – Innovation – Internationalization.

The membership structure and number of professionals has grown; our internal structure ensures transparency and we are organized in Departments to guarantee efficacy and quality for all our clients; we have long operated with a cloud-based technological infrastructure that allows flexibility and efficiency.

We have consolidated our presence in the main Italian cities in areas with the greatest entrepreneurial impetus: we have offices in Rome, Milan, Padua and Verona.

We have supported the international vocation of client companies through concrete projects. This is why we have increased our international presence by establishing and strengthening partnerships with international networks of professionals.